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By London Escorts Imperial London Escorts Agency, 15th April, 2016

There are lots of places to make love! Of course, the bedroom is the easy and typical option especially if it’s the first time you’re having sex with someone this might make you feel more comfortable and able to relax. Also, if you’re into strapons or adult sex toys the bedroom might make you feel more comfortable.

However once you feel more comfortable there are many other places. There are different rooms so the bathroom is great for making love in the shower standing up, using the shower attachment on her pussy or giving or receiving watersports. The bathroom is also good to enjoy a relaxing bath before moving on to making love. The kitchen worktop or washing machine when it’s turned on are good ideas if you have a free place as the vibrations can feel really sexy. 

Then of course if you’ve booked an Escort for a car meeting this is a good place to make love. The car is a lot smaller of course which means you’re more up close and personal, a good position is you sitting on the seat with her sitting on your lap facing you and going on top. Or it’s good to feel like your meeting for a quick encounter like a quick blow job, this can feel very risky as you’re outside. Some other places our Escorts have told us they’ve made love are in an art gallery!

The cinema, on a golf course, in a public bathroom and in the woods. Of course, it is illegal to be exposed outside so you need to be careful but for example as long as the areas quiet then go for it! London Escorts Imperial Agency Escorts are always open minded and some are more of an exhibitionist than others. If you want to experience more of an open minded experience of having sex in the car then you can search the list of services for an Escort who likes to offer the car meeting service. This is a safe bet that this type of Escort will be more likely to indulge you in your saucy sex in public fantasy. London Escorts Imperial Agency spoke to one of our Escort Girls about where they’ve had sex before.


We spoke to sensual Blonde Escort Madeline about her risky outdoor sex experiences: ‘I love being outdoors and feeling the outdoors fresh air on my skin. I first had sex outdoors with my first boyfriend. It was on the way back when we walked back to his, we needed to walk through fields on the way to his and on the way back he started kissing me, it was a hot day and I was wearing shorts and a little top, I felt horny and we’d had sex at least three times already that day.

He started rubbing my nipples through my top and I pushed his hands into my knickers so he could finger my pussy, I was already really wet. It felt naughty being outdoors where anyone could see us. We laid down in the field kissing and I started wanking him off, he was really hard and I wanted him inside me, I pulled his dick out of his shorts and climbed on top of him moving my knickers to the side, we had really fast sex with me riding him hard. He had moved my top to the side so my breasts were exposed and it felt so good in the sun.

When we finished we cleaned up quickly before carrying on back to his, when we got back it felt naughty knowing what we had done as we were still young we both lived at home still and his mum was in when we got back which made it even more exciting knowing I was dripping wet from having sex with him outside.’


Do you want naughty car meeting sex with Blonde Madeline? Or naughty outdoors sex with one of London Escorts Imperial Agencies sexy escorts? If so book online or by phoning us today.














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Michael P
30th April, 2016
I enjoy having sex in the shower, I like to be given watersports so its a good place to enjoy feeling close without worrying about the mess after, I like to have a bath with one of your sexy girls and massage her tits I enjoy lots of sex and I enjoy using your agency to have the opportunity to meet lots of women in a very easy way. I like being single but still having lots of sex.
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