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69 - Simultaneous fellatio and cunnilingus, so called became the intertwined male and female bodies are supposed to look like the digits 6 & 9.
A / A-level - Anal sex
AC/DC - Bisexual (male or female)
Actress - Girl who simulates orgasm (may be a good actress)
Anilingus / Rimming - Licking someone's anus. Can me the male on the female or vice versa.
AWO - Anal sex without a condom.
Bareback - Without a condom
Bait and Switch - he escort that turns up is not the one in the photograph. More common in the USA than Europe although some European agencies are known to practice this.
BBBF - Bareback Butt Fuck - AWO
BBBJ - Bareback Blow Job - Felatio without a condom. Not necessarily to completion
BBBJTC - Bareback Blow Job To Completion- Felatio without a condom until the man ejaculates into the escorts mouth
BBF - Bareback Fuck. - Sexual intercourse without a condom.
BBW - Big Beautiful Woman. A lady with more curves than Brands Hatch
BDSM - Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission - Sadomasochism.
BJ - Blow Job. Fellatio
Brown Shower - Defecation in a sexual context. Usually means that the prostitute shits over the client, or at least for the client to watch. Occasionally the other way around.
Breast Relief - The man's business is rubbed between a lady's breasts.
Buff - Naked/Nude
Butt Plug -A small dildo used to stretch anus, usually before anal sex
Cappuccino - After the man comes in the escorts mouth she dribbles it out like a frothy coffee.
CIF - See Facial
CIM - Come in mouth The man ejaculates into escort's mouth
Clock watcher - Girl who stays for no longer that the booked time (sometimes less)
COB - Cum on body. The man ejaculates over the escorts body
COF / CIF - Cum on face
Completion - Orgasm - OWO to completion means until you come.
Covered - With a condom.
Cowgirl - A position for sexual intercourse - the man on his back, the woman sitting atop.
CP - Corporal punishment.
Creampie - Ejaculation in the vagina (or anus) without a condom.
Cunnilingus - Pussy licking/eating.
Cut - Man who is circumcised
DATY - Dining At The Y. See Cunnilingus.
Death Wish - Anal sex without a condom.
DFK - Deep French kissing. Escort indulges in a full-on game of Tonsil Hockey. This is not to be confused with KFC which is something else entirely.
Doggie style - A position for sexual intercourse - the woman on her knees, the man entering from behind.
DP - Double penetration - one penis in the vagina, another in the anus
Extras - Services charged extra for, e.g. anal sex
Facial - This is where the man ejaculates over the girl's face.
Fellatio - Cock-sucking.
Fisting - Hand in vagina / anus
FOC - Free of charge, probably won't see this in many reviews.

French - Fellatio

French kissing - Deep kissing, tongue kissing.FSFull sex/service.

Full service - Oral and vaginal sex.
Full strip - Likely to mean that the lady takes all her clothes off.
FWO - French without - See BBBJ
GFE - Girl Friend Experience Holy Grail of punters, the escort continually complains to the client.
GILF - Granny I'd Like To... I'll leave this one to your imagination.
Girl Friend ExperienceSee GFE
Going down - Oral sex
Golden showerUrination in a sexual context. Usually means that the prostitute urinates over the client, or at least for the client to watch. Rarely, the client urinates over the prostitute.
Greek - Anal sex.
Half strip - Topless
Hardsports / HS - See Brown Shower
HJ - Hand Job, the escort masturbates the client's penis.
Hobbyist - U.S. term for a regular user of an escorts services.
HourUsual minimum time for an outcall appointment. Not always 60 minutes.
HR - Hand Relief, See HJ
H/S - Hard Sports, see Brown Shower
IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
IMO - Same thing, just no so humble.
Incall - The client visits the escort.
John - Male Client
Massage parlour - Officially offering massages, but extra services usually offered separately, but may not be full service.
MFS - Massage and full service
MILF - Mother I'd Like To Fuck. A mature female escort.
Mish - Missionary position (woman on her back, man on top facing her).
MMF - A male-male-female threesome.
MFF - A male-female-female threesome
O - Oral Sex
O-Levels - Oral Sex
Oral - Oral Sex
Aural Sex - Those that can't do it, talk about it
OTK - Over the knee (spanking/corporal punishment)
Outcall - Where the escort visits the client in his home or hotel
OWO Oral without, See BBBJ
Pearl necklace - This is where the man ejaculates over the girl's breasts/shoulders/neck, also a song by ZZ Top about the same act.
Provider - Euphemism for a prostitute, American use mainly.
Private Time- Sexual services after dinner/theatre date.
PSE - Porn star experience. A hot hard no holds bard f*ck.
Punter - See John
Raincoat - Condom
Reverse - Client taking common role of girls, e.g. Reverse oral is the client performing cunnilingus
RimmingAnilingus, Licking someone's anus. Can me the male on the female or vice versa.
RLD - Red-light district
Russian - See Breast Relief
Sandwich - See DP
Sausage Sandwich - See Breast Relief
Scat - See Brown Shower
Service Provider - See Provider
SM - See S&M
S & MSado-masochism. See also BDSM
Solid Sports - See Brown Shower.
Snowballing - Dribbling semen from one mouth to another
SP - Service Provider
Spoons - A position for sexual intercourse - both partners lying on their side, with the man behind the woman.
Stirring the porridge - Vaginal sex after the girl has had unprotected sex.
Straight Sex -Intercourse
SubmissiveProstitute who will allow the client to spank/cane her and generally submit to his will. (True submissives are rare and need to develop high level of trust with client
SW - Sex Worker, it's only a job after all.
Swallows - The escort swallows the clients semen.
Switch - See Bait and Switch
SWO - Sex without a condom. Just how stupid can you get?
TLC - Tender, Loving Care.... ahhhhh
Tit Fuck - See Breast Relief
Toys - Objects that the lady uses/inserts into herself eg Dildos, cucumber, Mars Bars
Tromboning - The escorts kneels behind the man and rims him whilst giving a hand job. Apparently the experienced is enhanced if the man hums Moonlight Sonata at the same time.
Uncovered - Without a condom.
VFM - Value for money
Walk-up - Flat from which a prostitute works (walk up stairs), common for girls who advertise using cards.
Watersports - See Golden Shower
Wood -Erection
W/S -See Golden Shower
YMMV - Your Milage May Vary. Yours opinion or experience may be different.

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