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Benita spent weekend in LA with Hollywood actor

By London Escorts Imperial London Escorts Agency, 24th April, 2016

Many of London Escorts Imperial agencies hot women spend weekends away with rich business men and sometimes famous men. Recently Benita was whisked away to LA to spend the weekend with a Hollywood actor. Benita is a gorgeous Petite Escort with a great smile, a positive attitude and a sexy dress size 8 figure, she is one of our Busty Escorts with a sexy D cup bust. She dresses to impress and the Hollywood star wanted a sexy Escort to spend some one on one time with him in LA, he was attracted to Benita’s cute and sexy appearance and wanted a Busty, Petite Escort.

We spoke to Benita to find out more: ‘I was really excited when I had a booking from this actor, he is good looking and a bit older which I can find very attractive. I was a bit nervous as obviously this doesn’t happen every day and I was instructed to get on a flight and I’d meet him the other side. I dressed in very sexy stockings and a low cut but pretty dress for when I got off the flight, he had a car waiting for me and I met him at an apartment he owned. When we met he told me he was taking me out for dinner but wanted me to get unchanged and be waiting for him on the bed with my legs open touching myself. I was turned on and excited. I went to his bedroom, it was amazing, large with a huge round bed, he had silk sheets on the bed which I wasn’t expecting and it turned me on thinking about how many other Lonon Escorts he had slept with.

I took my clothes off and laid on the bed, he came into the room and I licked my fingers and started to touch myself, starting off by rubbing my clit, he came over and said he wanted to make me cum he took his clothes off and pulled  me closer to the edge of the bed so my legs were over his shoulders and he started to lick my pussy, he was really good at it and kept telling me that he couldn’t wait to take photos of me when he cum in my mouth, I came really quick it was so hot knowing this famous man was going down on me. When I came he pushed his face more into my pussy licking my cum and then told me he wanted me to lay back on the bed with my head close to the edge of the bed so he could fuck my mouth.

He told me this was a rehearsal and that his friend would come in later to take photos of me sucking his cock. I felt myself getting wetter with him telling me this and it was a big turn on knowing how confident he was. He pushed his hard cock into my mouth and started fucking my mouth, he was quite big and I had to open my mouth really wide to get it in. When he came he pushed it deep into my mouth so I could feel all of his cum inside my mouth. We cleaned ourselves up and he told me to spend time getting ready and then to meet him downstairs. When we went out for dinner he spent a lot of time kissing me and grabbing my ass.

After when we returned to his I had a few drinks and he reminded me that his friend would come to the bedroom with us and could he take the photos, I agreed, so I was in the bedroom with two men, he started off by fucking my mouth asking his friend to take photos of me, I was turned on and once the photos were taken he asked if his friend could have sex with me whilst he carried on. Usually, I wouldn’t do this kind of thing but I was very horny and thought it would be a fun experience.

His friend got on top and fucked me quite hard whilst he carried on fucking my mouth. When his friend came he told him to leave and he turned me over so he could fuck me from behind, this was hot as I felt like I had been used by his friend but could see how much this turned him on, which also then made me even hotter. It was a fun weekend I would love to repeat!’ If you would love to spend a fun and intimate weekend or a few hours with our cute and very sophisticated open minded Escort Benita you could book online or phone one of our friendly receptionists today.

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