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Billionaire parties with sexy Anka

By London Escorts Imperial London Escorts Agency, 12th March, 2016

Anka is a Tall, Skinny Escort who is up for meeting new clients in London. She is a fun and upbeat Bisexual Escort who loves to flaunt her Skinny dress size 6 figure and express herself. Recently she met with a Billionaire client who wanted to spend a night having fun and partying with Anka. Anka spoke to London Escorts Imperial Agency about her time with the billionaire client.

Anka: ‘Rich men really turn me on, I love men who can flash their cash and show me that they can look after themselves and me. I’m open minded London escort girl and adventurous in the bedroom but I also like to be treated like a lady. I know how to look after myself but I like it when a man looks after me too. I was excited to party with this man, he had access to some of the best clubs and I couldn’t wait.

We met in the bar of the hotel so I could leave my clothes with him, he started off by ordering champagne and we had a glass before getting a taxi to a bar, when we arrived he had booked out the VIP area, some of his friends were there too and he introduced me to them before we sat down in the corner to chat more intimately. He leant over and started to kiss me, and then started rubbing my tits through my dress, I was really turned on that everyone could see in the room but let him anyway, I wanted to make sure he could do what he wanted as he was the Billionaire after all. He started caressing my nipple through my dress and started licking it, it was quite dark but I’m sure everyone knew what we were doing.

Our drinks were coming over so we stopped for a while and drank champagne laughing, I really wanted to show him a good time with sexy female escort in London, there was a quieter area by the side of the bar where no one was sitting so I pulled him up and we went over, I kissed him rubbing his dick through his trousers, he was already hard, I unzipped his trousers so I could wank him, he was kissing me and biting my lips, I could feel his dick getting harder and it felt close to cumming so I stopped for a bit pulling his hands towards my dress, he pushed my dress up pushing his fingers inside my pussy, I couldn’t believe how wet I was.

He fucked me with his fingers pushing them in and out, I grabbed his dick I wanted him to cum before me but he stopped me he wanted me to cum first and I felt myself squirt over his fingers. He zipped himself up and smiled and we went back and sat down, I told him I wanted to suck his dick and he said I would have to wait, it made me feel really turned on knowing he was in complete control. I’m also not used to men being like that either. Later on we went to the next club, it was very loud and in some parts of the club people were kissing and all over each other. We were kissing a lot and touching each other, I said I wanted to go somewhere more private, there was some rooms at the top of the club, we walked up and found an empty room, it was very small just with a seat in, I pushed him down and danced over him rubbing my hands over my body. I didn’t let him touch me but carried on dancing and rubbing my pussy while I leant over his lap.

I could see his erect hard on through his trousers and knelt down unzipping him and taking his cock in my mouth, I sucked him hard up and down taking him further into my mouth, I enjoy deepthroating men and feeling them get close to cumming, soon I felt him throb and he cum in my mouth. After this we went from club to club trying to outperform each other with how we could make each other orgasm. I was very drunk and up for a good time partying. The next morning we had slow lazy sex, he got on top and fucked me kissing me and stroking my hair, it was an amazing experience that I’d love to try again.’


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Client Comments
30th April, 2016
Anka is a highly sexual woman, she has always made me feel special from day one and I would recommend her to anyone who wants a sophisticated lady with a naughty nature when its just you alone with her. She is one to keep, thank you Anka x
12th April, 2016
I really enjoy having sex with Anka, when you meet her she is polite and knows how to treat a man, I was very pleased with her service and I've enjoyed reading her personal blog, she is an escort girl to beat and always gives me a great time in and out of the bedroom, she will make you feel very special. I have spent a few overnights with her and would recommend to any man looking for a professional and yet very genuine service.
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