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Carol brings fantasies to the millionaire's life

By London Escorts Imperial London Escorts Agency, 9th March, 2016

Carol is a stunning Latin Escort, with vibrant skin and a sexy attitude she is sure to excite and impress clients with London Escorts Imperial agency. Carol is a slim dress size 8 with pert C cup breasts. She has a sexy and sophisticated appearance, if you love the smaller escort lady she is ideal with her being a Petite Escort. Carol is pretty escort London who is friendly, she will help you to feel at ease when you meet her.

Carol has recently had a booking with a millionaire who wanted her to fulfil his sexual fantasies of him dominating a submissive lady, he wanted to give her watersports and spanking. London Escorts Imperial Agency spoke to exotic, sophisticated Carol to hear more: ‘I was excited to meet someone with a lot of money, I enjoy making my own money but of course it’s exciting to feel like a man’s in power if a man has money he tends to be more confident. We met at the hotel he was staying at and I wore expensive lingerie and a short, classy dress.

I couldn’t want to meet him and spend some time with him. We had a couple of drinks before going straight to his room, he ordered champagne on the way up to the room and when we got into the room, he told me we should shower together to feel closer. We jumped into the shower and I helped to clean him by rubbing shower gel all over his chest and his dick.

He seemed to enjoy our time getting closer and it felt more relaxed drinking in the room after. He had bought some soft restraints to the hotel and had attached these to the bed. He told me to lay down so he could tie me up, he put a blind fold over my eyes and put the restraints over my wrists and my ankles, it felt very sexy not knowing what could happen next.

I heard him pop the champagne and he poured this between my legs going down on me, I wanted to scream but he placed a gag over my mouth (before this we had agreed on what I would and wouldn’t do and we had come up with our code words and/or actions). I felt myself cum and felt the bed was really wet from me and the champagne. He untied me and we sat up on the bed, he kissed me and then turned me over, he started licking my ass telling me to say thank you for what he was doing.

I felt so turned on and really relaxed because I could enjoy what he was doing. He told me to get into the bath with him, it was a big Jacuzzi bath with lots of room, overlooking London, and it was a gorgeous bathroom. He turned it on and I got in, he said he was going to piss on me because that’s what I deserved and that I should open my legs and touch myself whilst he did it. I opened my legs and started rubbing my clit, I could feel the bath filling up and covering my pussy, he stood over me and started urinating on me on my breasts and between my legs. It felt really hot, the bath water was hot underneath me and this wet between my tits and legs.

When he finished we emptied the bath and got back into the shower, when we were clean he told me to get back into the bath and bend over. I bent over and he slapped my bum, each time he did this he told me to say thank you sir, I hadn’t done anything like this before so it was very sexy as it was so different. He told me I could suck his cock and I started to suck his dick feeling it get harder, he stopped and turned me back around fucking me from behind, I cum again, it was such a horny experience trying all these new sexual acts that I would love to do it again. He knew what he wanted and was in complete control.’


If you would love to spend time with the sophisticated and open minded submissive Latin Escort Carol you can book online or by phoning one of our receptionists who will be happy to help.





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30th April, 2016
I have spent a lot of good times with Carol, she is a beautiful woman who I want to spend all my time going down on as I feel she deserves to cum over and over again, she tastes great and is an amazing sweet and sexy woman.
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