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DUO experience Ruby and Mira

By London Escorts Imperial London Escorts Agency, 28th May, 2016

Our clients love a good threesome, our London Escorts do too and our naughty female Escorts Ruby and Mira certainly know how to impress their clients in and out of the bedroom. Ruby is one of our popular Escort girls in London, she is a Curvy Escort with fantastic breasts – a natural 36F size and she is open minded offering many escort services. Mira is one of our Youngest Escorts – still a teenager, she is a natural Escort who with a great attitude and smile will help you to feel at ease. Mira enjoys giving and receiving spanking. Both of these Escort Girls have sensational reviews from their previous clients. Recently they both had a DUO escorts booking and we asked Ruby to tell us more.

Ruby: ‘I was excited to have another booking for a DUO escorts experience with Mira, she’s such a nice girl and she also is great in the bedroom. Mira and I are both straight but that doesn’t stop us getting close together for our clients, it makes a nice change to be with a woman too as I’m always with men, of course sometimes our clients sit back and watch and some men like to join in too.

The man who booked us seemed a little nervous so we had a bit of a chat and a drink until he seemed ready for more, I like to tease sometimes and it was hot flirting with Mira and kissing in-between pouring drinks, it kind of sets the mood and helps everyone to relax. I started off by snogging Mira, and stroking her hair, it wasn’t long until we were pulling at each other’s dresses and taking these off.

I leaned back on the bed and started to touch myself, Mira got the dildo out and started to fuck me with this until I was screaming quite loudly, I wanted to keep cumming but I wanted to make Mira orgasm as well. I pushed Mira back on the bed and parted her legs and I started going down on her she tasted really good, I was really horny, the client asked if he could take a photo of Mira using the dildo on my pussy and he leant over licking my nipples and taking photos.

Party London escort  Mira was really fucking me hard we started kissing again and I started to lick her nipples and hold her breasts, my breasts are so big it felt good to hold hers as they are very pert and smaller, I struggle to hold my breasts even with two hands! Me and Mira laid down in a ‘69’ position and started to rub our pussies together, it was hot and a turn on, I could see the man rubbing his cock really hard, he came over and started to rub my clit, I could feel my clit throbbing he pulled me away from Mira and started fucking me hard telling Mira to make sure she was licking my clit at the same time so I would get really wet when I came. It was hot that he was telling us what to do, almost like a porn director.

When he finished fucking me and knew I had cum he did the same with Mira, when I went down on her she was already soaked, I love the taste of a woman too. After we all laid on the bed cuddling and chatting, it was nice to feel so comfortable with each other after the fun had happened. I have had quite a few escorts DUO experiences with Mira and I only go with another woman for my client’s enjoyment as I’m straight as my sexual preference and it’s the same for Mira, so when we get the opportunity we really let go and enjoy the experience as much as the man does. Also it’s a turn on knowing how much we’re turning on the man too.’

If you fancy some fun watching or joining in with these hot, sexy Escort Girls then you can book online or by phoning one of London Escorts Imperial Agencies friendly receptionists.

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