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By London Escorts Imperial London Escorts Agency, 18th December, 2015

As with anyone all of London Escorts Imperial Escorts have had a first sexual experience usually before coming to work for us. Sometimes first Sexual encounters can be nerve wracking and not be the best sex our Girls have ever had, however when we spoke to our London Escort Girls we found that some did have very hot and intimate first encounters. Some Escort Girls are very horny and have loved having intimate experiences from a young age. We asked our Girls to share their experiences and one of our youngest Escort girls: Malvina shared her story with us.



Malvina: ‘My first sexual experience happened around my sixteenth Birthday, I had met an older man, he was about 25 at the time and during this time I thought the age difference wa fine, I look back now and realise how young I was! I met him through a friend on a night out. He offered us a lift home from the club we had gone to. Before meeting him I had spent time masturbating but was very innocent. I still get a little shy at times now so back then with no intimate experiences I was very shy. I had kissed a boy at school but always fantasised about meeting an older man, one who could take me and show me what to do. I love the idea of a man who will tell me what to do and take advantage of me and that is a definite appeal for me to be an Escort Girl. When he bought us back to my friend’s house where I was staying, her sister wanted a lift to her boyfriend’s house (his friend) and he asked if I wanted to go. I felt strongly attracted to him and I wanted to see what would happen, I felt wet in my knicker, something I hadn’t really felt before except when I masturbated. I eventually agreed and felt very excited but nervous about what would happen.

In the car I sat next to him and he was stroking my leg up and down circling his fingers at the top of leg underneath my short dress. I wanted to push his fingers into me but my friend’s sister and boyfriend were in the back and I didn’t know what they would think of me! When we got back to her boyfriend’s house they went upstairs and I could hear them having sex. He asked if I wanted to go up and I said ok, we went into the other bedroom and I got under the covers, no man had seen me naked before so I was shy. I now love showing off my figure for my clients so I’m a lot more confident now. When he got under the covers he pulled me towards him and he was naked, I could feel his cock press against my leg. He started kissing me, stroking my face gently I wanted to feel him and be naked next to him.

He started undressing me, checking I was happy. I told him it was my first time and he felt even harder. When I was undressed he gave me oral sex, I couldn’t stop writhing around and wanting him more. When he pushed his cock inside me I felt really tight and he had to take more time licking and touching me before it would go in. When it did he fucked me slowly building up until he was fucking me really hard, towards the end he turned me over making me bend over fucking me even harder, I felt myself get really wet and I think this was the first experience I had of squirting. He came and after having a bit of a rest we spent most of the night exploring one another’s bodies and having sex. I couldn’t get enough, we ended up meeting every few days for sex until I met my boyfriend at the time but lucky for me I had a great first time having sex.

This is London Escorts Imperial Escort Girl Malvina talking us through her first sexual encounter. Maybe you’d like to meet one of our other Escort Girls to hear them tell you about their first time. Have a look through our London escort  gallery of Escorts by age and we have a selection of younger Girls and older Girls.



















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