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By London Escorts Imperial London Escorts Agency, 30th December, 2015

At London Escorts Imperial agency we have a lot of requests for the Hard Sports fetish.  Hard sports is when someone defecates on you or when you defecate on someone else. It can go from defecating on someone’s chest to wanting someone to defecate in your mouth. Obviously, it’s important to mention the harm if you like Escorts defecating in your mouth and this is done at your own risk.

It is safe to do hygienically if done on the body where there are no open cuts and you clean yourself afterwards.  Not all of our Escorts offer this service, not all are as open minded or into the fetish but if you search down the list of escort services a lot of out sexy Escorts will be listed underneath who do offer the Hard Sports services. This can be classed as a turn on as some people enjoy feeling or humiliating their sexual partner during intimate acts. It can tie in with other things so maybe a hard-core version of watersports and can be part of dominating or being the submissive partner in the sex game. London Escorts Imperial agency asked one of our open minded and stunning Escort: Carmelita for her experience giving hard sports to a client.

Carmelita: ‘I have been asked by lots of clients for hard sports, it seems to be a fetish, not many clients have had the opportunity to try out. Of course being an Escort means I’m automatically probably more open minded and excited to give my clients what they want. I had an Incall escort booking from a client who had never tried this but was really turned on by the thought of me defecating on his chest. He seemed a little nervous but we had a quick chat and drink and started kissing.

It’s always best to start off by getting to know each other more intimately first so that you both feel comfortable, it’s usually something done alongside other sex acts. My client wanted me to make him feel degraded. He wanted me role play out the domination fantasy he had of being told exactly what to do to please me and he wanted to ensure my gratification was the top of his priorities. I told him to play with my clit, lick my pussy and I spent a lot of time sitting on his face rocking back and forth making him lick all of my pussy juice.

He loved me being bossy and now and then I would tease him by grabbing his cock or slapping his bum but I wouldn’t wank him off enough to make him cum. I wanted to do this during the hard sports part. When it was time to do this he wanted me knelt over him facing his cock, I was holding and sucking his dick at the same time, he was really hard by this point and when I defecated I wanted him to cum at the same time. He was stroking my ass, I was telling him to get ready to be humiliated and calling him the names we had agreed on beforehand.

When I defecated I had been sucking and wanking him off, he cums at the same time. It felt amazing seeing how much cum he had for me. Afterwards, we had a shower together and a cuddle before he left. He said he had really enjoyed the Hard Sports experience and it was definitely one he would repeat again.’

This is a story from our sexy London Escort Carmelita, she offers Hard Sports services so if you’re interested in finding out more have a look at her sexy photos and get in touch online or on the phone to one of London Escorts Imperial agencies friendly receptionists who can tell you more.

















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Client Comments
22nd July, 2019
Hi in Stansted on 9th march would luv to be a toilet for someone
22nd July, 2019
22nd March, 2018
Hi looking for a fit sexy 20 to 25 escort . Sexy feet and in to piss games both ways . Also hard sports giving . English or European . Genuinely real girl that loves this if you have one . ???? What is the cost and do you do in call .
14th December, 2017
Hi I would love to be pissed and shit on and clean her after wiv my tongue many thanks mark
Adam khan
13th December, 2017
im looking for a escort that offers hardsport/watersports, as its a experience i would like to have.
Robin Haven
12th December, 2017
Hello darling, I've come across your webpage and I absolutely loved it:) I'd like to try something new. I've never tried hardsports. I don't really have a limit in mind, just maybe go with the flow and see how we like it. Can you tell me what you're up for and how much you'd charge for it please. Tender and passionate French kissing, and hardsports from you. Ideally I'd want to see you play with it, smear it on yourself, eating some of it & drinking some of your pee. If you do the same with vomit, I'd love to see that too. I might call you names and spank and slap you if you enjoy that. Then I'd like to see you orgasm for me. How does that sound and how much is it? Can we film that as well? Thank you very much for reading and have a lovely evening:)! Robin.
19th May, 2017
Hi I would like to be shit on my chest and pissed on as well.then lick pussy . David
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