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How to score a date with an escort?

By London Escorts Imperial London Escorts Agency, 28th March, 2017

All our London Escort Girls enjoy the attention they receive in and out of the bedroom from our valued clients, both men and women. Because our London Service Escorts are so busy it can be difficult to score a real, genuine date with an Escort. Many of our clients end up falling in love or want to exclusively date our stunning London Escort Girls but many of our Escorts in London love their job as an Escort and enjoy the money they receive. One of our London Escort Agencies receptionists knew an Escort who ended up dating and marrying a business client they regularly met.

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The Escort Girl initially had some dinner date bookings from this client and as they spent more time together they became genuinely close and she decided she wanted to be with this client and not work as an Escort anymore. Our agency spoke to this previous Escort Girl to find out what the client did to get her to date him: ‘I loved working and meet different men as an Escort, it was the perfect situation to be in, I was living in London, having lots of fun and earning a lot of money. When I met my now husband he was just another client, I was so busy with so many bookings we met for a dinner date, I thought he was a really charming, funny guy and we did have good sex together but I seen him as just a client. As the weeks went by he started to bring flowers to our date and seem to really make me feel special.

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I was enjoying our dates increasingly. He had a good sense of humour and was fun to spend time with, it didn’t feel like a client I was spending time with, he was a friend and a lover. He also spoke about his own life and asked me a lot about what I wanted in the future and spoke about going to new places and holidays together. This made me feel like I knew him more personally and after a few dates we swapped phone numbers. I knew then I was starting to have feelings for him. I used to wonder if he met up with any other Escort Girls from the Agency but he made it clear he only booked with me and reassured me by messaging me each day and sending me little text messages to show he was thinking of me.

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After a month, I received flowers and a little note from him, I thought this was sweet as he wasn’t just booking me for sex. One day he booked me and he turned up with a little present, it was an envelope to go to see my favourite band in Germany! I was so excited and found it romantic that he remembered. I think this is when it felt more meaningful. After that he was booking to see me more and more and we decided we’d move in together. I changed my career and he’s been so supportive in helping me to do this.

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The reason I dated him to start with was because he showed me he was thinking about me, he exclusively booked to see me out of all the other Escort Girls and he involved me in his life but showed he wanted to know more about me too.’ From this story, it seems that to score a date with an Escort can be more easy than you think, if you feel you’ve clicked with one of our Escort Girls why not get to know them more, find out what they like and show them you’re thinking of them by buying them little gifts and taking them to new places. It’s about making the Escort Girl feel special and more than just sex (although of course our Escorts love this too). To book a sexy dinner date with one of our Escorts have a look through our stunning photo gallery of Escort Girls in London.

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