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By London Escorts Imperial London Escorts Agency, 4th October, 2015

Interview with the escort - What are the biggest misconceptions about this industry?

Although there are elements of truth to most myths, this world can be a revelation to many who join. Firstly, you’re highly likely to be in the company of a gentleman — if the booking is organised through a high class escort agency — who ironically will treat you with as much respect if not more than your ex- boyfriends. I would like to emphasise that the word ex doesn’t mean they were not good choices either.

There is no such thing as the perfect escort, period. Everyman is looking for something different: physical or mental stimulation or the two combined; blonde, brunette, red head, Brazilian, British, Arabic, South African; the party girl, the sophisticated classicist, the girl next door, the girl in the Roland Mouret dress or in the jeans and white t-shirt kind a girl. Some men have a penchant for specific features of woman: eyes, neck, chest, breasts, backs (an well known erogenous zone), hands, thighs, ankles, and feet. Apparently men are only looking for one thing and need to pay for it because they cannot capture the interest of a women on a day to day basis. The former statement could not be further from the truth. The men who frequent the escort world, tend to handle the female species with panache and some are married, engaged or in a relationship. The reason they see an escort is because of: a hectic work schedule so they do not have time to date or see their other half, a high octane lifestyle thus the desire for physical and mental escapism, the excitement, role play, companionship, a threesome before a couple conceive and become tied down in the requirements of having a child, a fetish, re- capturing lost youth, a release of tension, an ego boost for paying and asserting control over a woman and last but not least, it is an enjoyable experience! To give you an example, I have walked through the door in the past and not believed my luck.

Interview with the escort - What can you bring to a client?

I can bring a sensuality / forbidden fruit and a comfort that everything goes and I will not laugh at any of your ideas and requests. Boundaries will have already have been discussed. The excitement of being with me could be overwhelming. Does my wife know where I am? Will the music industry find out? Will I bring down the government? Mata Hari was a WW1 French spy of Dutch origins who extracted information from men through licentious activities. The courtesan was later killed by the French military courts for sharing information with the German government. We
are the women who see what goes on behind closed doors.

I would like to think that you leave the room feeling elated. You do not have to remember my name or howl look but a man will always
remember the scent of a woman and her voice whether the experience is positive or negative.

Interview with the escort - What type of clients do you see and do vou privately judge?

The clients range from every industry, walk of life and age (obviously minimum being eighteen). I am incredibly lenient and | exploit
any attributes a man possesses albeit kindness, wit, or humility. People can turn pretty ugly with a bad attitude. If you are rich, so what? The last guy I saw was even richer. Money is a fantastic tool and a means to an end but it certainly should not define you and it does not make a man. The more you speak of it, the more I realise how insecure you are. We all privately judge and even I am judged. I have strong features and a Middle Eastern appeal so it surprises client when I start talking with a pure British accent.


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