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Maribea lost Anal Virginity with African client

By London Escorts Imperial London Escorts Agency, 27th July, 2016

Our Skinny Escort Maribea with her large come to bed eyes and sweet nature told us about the time she lost her anal virginity with an African client. Tall Escort Maribea doesn’t offer anal sex but she let an African client take advantage of her and she lost her anal virginity. Our London Escort agency spoke to our Role Play Escort some more: ‘I’m quite confident in the bedroom but can come across as shy and I don’t usually offer anal sex escort services. I always said no to partners before I was a London Escort Girl if they asked for anal sex as I was scared it would hurt.

I had a few bookings with an African client who told me he was going to recommend me to his friend, I enjoy giving a good escort service and like to make sure my clients leave happy. His friend booked me for an Outcall escort booking for a few hours to his London hotel room, when I arrived he seemed nice enough and we chatted for a bit before kissing and moving onto some foreplay, he told me he wanted me to role play being a virgin, I like playing the innocent Escort Girl and went along with it, he was talking me through what I needed to do to him and getting naughtier and naughtier.

He asked if I was ready to experience such a big cock, I said I wasn’t sure and kept stopping him touching me, which seemed to tease him a lot, when he took his cock out of his trousers it was huge, I couldn’t imagine that inside of me, I know black men are supposed to have big ones but this was huge.

He told me to stroke it up and down and try tasting it in my mouth, he then asked me to lay down kneeling on the floor over the bed, he started touching my pussy from behind and then asked if I wanted to see how he touched women’s ass holes, I said ok and he started fingering my ass, it felt good and I was wet. He then started to fuck me in my pussy really hard, I didn’t think I could take it inside me but after a while my wetness helped it stay inside and he made me cum, he pulled out and told me to let him take my anal virginity now, I was hesitant as I don’t offer this service, I told him that and he managed to talk me round, I agreed but just for a couple of minutes, he started to push it inside my ass hole, it felt so sore but he said he would take it slow and to remember I’m there to learn from him and he wanted to be the first to fuck me this way.

When it was in he could hardly move it as he was so big and hard, he reached around and started to play with my pussy fingering me and kissing my neck, after a while I loosened up and he could fuck me, he started off slowly and then got faster until I wanted it more, I was shouting as it hurt but felt so good, when he cum I felt it dripping down over and in-between my legs, I felt sore but good. After we laid and cuddled before he left. I’m an open minded London Escort Girl who likes to keep my clients happy but I won’t give anal to anyone and I think this was a one off time as I’ll always remember how it hurt to begin with!’

Brunette Escort Maribea is a sophisticated stunner, she offers lots of intimate services for our London Escort Agencies clients and is a Chelsea Escort so perfect for those Girlfriend Experiences (GFE) too.

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