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By London Escorts Imperial London Escorts Agency, 17th April, 2016

London Escorts Imperial Agency love to hear first timers Escorts experiences and spoke to one of our clients about his first time visiting one of our open minded Escort Girls.


Client 1: ‘I’m quite a bit older and was married for a long time and to be honest the sex was straight forward it was good at times but I’d never had chance to try out some more of my darker fantasies. One of my sexual fantasies was to be dominated by a mistress and so I decided to have a look for an Escort Agency, Imperial’s stood out to be as their escort website seemed professional and when I contacted them they recommended suitable Escorts for me.

I was nervous but also excited and spent a long time getting ready before I went to the Escorts place. I booked Elle who with her look matched everything I had been fantasising about, when I arrived she opened the door and I was very impressed. She has full lips and big boobs and was dressed in tight latex clothing. I felt my dick go hard when she opened the door and was very excited. We set some ground rules before we started and she asked if I wanted to be tied up and spanked those kinds of things as well as deciding on a code word incase I wanted her to stop.

I couldn’t imagine needing to use any code words I was so keen on getting told what to do and punished that my dick was throbbing. Elle told me to undress and she told me to kneel on the floor so I could lick her boots, she pointed the heel in my face and moved the sharp part over my dick, it felt really horny knowing she was I was going to do everything she wanted me to. She opened her legs and told me to lick her clit and she squeezed her legs against my head so I felt restricted whilst I licked her.

She told me to get on the bed and lay on my front and she tied me up to the bed before spending a lot of time calling me names and spanking me, even when it hurt I wanted more and couldn’t wait for her to use the strapon on me. She used a lot of lube and continued calling me names and spanking me, I heard her put the strapon on and she started fingering my ass whilst spanking me with her other hand.

She started fingering my ass, no one has ever done that and it felt a bit odd to start with but then I really started enjoying it and she started to put more fingers inside parting my asshole with her fingers, I felt he spit inside and I felt my dick get even harder, she pushed me up onto all fours and started wanking me off and then before I was going to cum she stopped and she carried on like this for ages spanking me in-between.

She then started to push the dildo into my ass slowly to start with and then when it was all in I could feel it hurting but in a really hot way. I wanted her to fuck me and she made sure I worked for it by saying thank you all of the way through she fucked me really hard and I felt myself shaking she pulled out and wanked me off to finish me off and I laid there for a while as it felt so good I could hardly move. I have since met with Elle a couple more times so we could explore other parts of my dominatrix sex fantasy and it has always been a pleasure. I’m so glad I booked her as I didn’t ever imagine my sexual fantasies to be this fulfilled.’


If you have a sexual fantasy that you would like to be fulfilled have a look through our stunning Escorts available to meet with you today or perhaps you have a date in mind. You can book online or by phoning us and if you have any questions get in touch with one of our friendly receptionists today

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