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The London escort could tell that he was nervous. She was his date for the conference. It was the eve of his big speech and he was all over the place. The nerves were going to ruin his moment in the spotlight, cancel out his brilliance. Renate knew exactly what to do.
'You need to relax,' she said.

He gave her a nervous smile and squeezed her hand. 'Tell me something that I don't know,' he said. His eyes ran over her, briefly taking in the sexy but sophisticated outfit that encased her smoking hot body. The speaker on the stage soon drew his attention away and the sweating of his palms began again along with the jiggling of his knee.

'How long until your speech?' asked the brunette escort.

'Half an hour,' he said, his voice squeaking.

'Come with me,' Renate took him by the hand and led him out of the auditorium.

The thickly carpeted corridor was empty, with a quick glance around, the South Kensington escort ducked into one of the luxurious bathrooms. He followed her and watched whilst she locked the door. The sexy, young escort's eyes scanned the small room.

'Sit down and make yourself comfortable,' she said, indicating a plush armchair next to a small table with various toiletries and boxes of tissues arrayed on it.

'I don't have time...' he murmured whilst doing as she had instructed.

'Yes, you do.' Naylla took control. She knelt between his thighs and unzipped his trousers. Her cool, calm hands pulled his cock free and she put it between her lips. With her agile tongue and hot, wet mouth she got him hard. He groaned, suddenly realising how much he needed what the European escort was offering him. Naylla's brunette head bobbed up and down, taking him deep into her throat, sucking him hard, drawing all of the tension out of him.

'Fuck,' he said, 'You horny fucking beauty.' His hands gripped the arms of the chair, his hips thrust up, his body responded with intense need for release.

Faster, deeper, harder. The London escort gave him the most incredible OWO. Within minutes he was crying out, announcing his imminent climax. Naylla pulled her head back.

'Watch!' she commanded. He did just that as his cum splashed across her face in an explosive release of pent up tension. She smiled at him, watching his body relax before her eyes. Cleaning her face with a make-up wipe from the table, she got to her feet. 'You go and get ready now. I'll be there to listen to your speech just as soon as I have fixed my make up.'

He got up from the armchair. With steady hands he pulled her to him and kissed her. 'Thank you,' he said, 'You saved me.'

'You can thank me later,' she said giving him a playful slap on the backside as he bounded out of the bathroom without a care in the world.



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