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Our Escorts like to receive presents

By London Escorts Imperial London Escorts Agency, 16th February, 2017

Our London Escort Girls like any woman loves to receive presents from their clients, they love attention and pleasing men and it is always nice to feel appreciated. Many of our men who use our successful London Escort Agency like to wine and dine their London Escort and buying presents can seem like a personal touch and surely one your Escort Girl in London will really appreciate. Our London Escort Agency spoke to a few of our Escort Girls in London to find out about some of the presents they have enjoyed receiving.

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First our Escort Agency spoke to our Curvy Escort Girl Ruby who is recently back from having a holiday. Our Busty Escort tells us more: ‘I have received lots of gifts during my time working as an Escort Girl in London and some were expensive and others not but the thought behind each gift means a lot to me. As a Call Girl in London I meet a lot of regular clients and we can develop a deep connection and it feels natural for my clients to buy me a gift if they’ve been thinking about me.

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I obviously do like expensive jewellery or shoes but I have also received personal gifts, for example an engraved key ring once was a thoughtful gift or a personalised bottle of champagne. I have received diamonds before and I was in awe as they were so beautiful but it also means a lot to me that my clients are thinking about me in between our bookings as they must also feel some type of connection with me too.’ Our Curvy Escort Girl Ruby always has amazing feedback from her past clients and our Busty Escort in London is available for daytime and evening Incall and Outcall bookings and she is based closest to Paddington Tube Station.

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The second Escort Girl in London our Escort Agency spoke to is our feisty Latin Escort Lexi, with her sensual body and positive attitude she will give you a good time: ‘I of course enjoy getting presents from my clients, I like that they have thought about me even if it’s mainly fantasising as I enjoy the thought of men thinking about me when their horny but I’m a genuine lady and like any of the Escort girls working in London I like a present as it shows me I am appreciated and I obviously am liked by my clients. It’s like getting a positive review all of us escort girls love to have them. I have received sexy lingerie to dress up and keep and a beautiful watch amongst other items and I do really appreciate the time a client will go to buy me a gift to show their thinking of me.

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It also makes me more eager to please in the bedroom (even though I love to please and keep my clients very happy and coming back for more).’ Our Busty Escort Girl is available for daytime and evening Incall and Outcall bookings and she is based nearest to Paddington Tube station. Our final London Escort Girl Blonde Escort Polly spoke to our escort agency too: ‘I like to receive presents as it’s always a nice surprise especially when it’s from a regular client who I know very well.

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I have received cards with money in, jewellery and spa days which I have really appreciated. It makes me feel like a princess when I receive expensive gifts and I want to really keep giving my client even more than ever in the bedroom.’ Our naturally Busty Escort Girl Polly is available for daytime and evening Incall and Outcall bookings and she is based nearest to Paddington Tube station. To book any of our London Escorts use our online contact form or for shorter notice give one of our friendly receptionists a call.


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