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Pleasure your man. Try ANAL with him

By London Escorts Imperial London Escorts Agency, 16th May, 2016

Men love anal sex and many of our London Female Escorts love to give men a good anal sex experience. A lot of our clients want anal sex when booking and know our Escort Girls London love to get this. London Escorts Imperial agency spoke to some of our Elite Escorts to encourage women to give their men anal sex to pleasure him.

Our first Escort Roxana is a slim Bisexual Escort with small breasts that are a B cup, she is petite and willing to try new things in the bedroom. Roxana enjoys lots of foreplay and loves it when her men want anal sex especially if they are big. Roxana spoke to us some more: ‘I love anal sex, I enjoy a little bit of pain and I offer other escort services like fisting as it turns me on thinking about how dirty I am. When I first tried anal sex with my boyfriend when I was younger it hurt a lot but now I’m older and I’ve tried using lube it feels great and I don’t always need lube.

It turns me on when we’ve been having pussy sex and then a man pulls out and rubs my pussy juices round to my ass so I know he’s going to fuck my ass, it always feels a bit sore to start with but once it’s in I love the sensation. I think it’s great for women and men to try anal sex at some point in their lives, if you’re really horny it makes me even more satisfied than ever. I would say to any women out there that they want to keep their man happy in the bedroom, and giving him anal will be a huge turn on for him trust me.’

Roxana is available 24/7 hours a day and is very open minded in the bedroom. We spoke to Madeline our sexy Blonde Escort who also has an offer on at the moment so is also good value.

Madeline is very open minded both in and out of the bedroom and offers naughty car meetings if you’re looking for more of a casual encounter as well as the double penetration service so if you and a friend want a very naughty open minded Escort she could be a good option for you.

Madeline told us more: ‘I don’t know why some women haven’t tried anal sex, for me I love sex and love to experience lots of sensations, I offer the double penetration service as I enjoy threesomes and I like things in my pussy and my ass so this is perfect for me. I love straight forward anal sex and I particularly like it when a man hasn’t experienced anal sex before and I get to be his first that’s a turn on being in control of his pleasure and knowing my ass is the first one he’s cum in.

I would say to any women who aren’t sure of anal sex to not dismiss it, if you want to make sure it slides easily in use lots of lube and spend a lot of time practising foreplay together so that your ass is nice and open and your pussy is soaked, when my pussys this wet I’m really horny and pretty much sexually will do anything.

You have to give it a try plus it keeps men very happy indeed as they know how dirty and open minded you can be in the bedroom. I enjoyed it in the past when I had a car meeting and the client wanted anal, I sat on his lap facing the steering wheel and pushed his dick up my ass so I could ride him in the car and I could hold onto the steering wheel, this was really hot and very naughty. He really enjoyed himself and we have met for several car meetings since. So give it a try as you don’t know what you’re missing!

If you want to have some anal action we have both female London escorts and male London Escorts available to give you this immense pleasure, you can book online or by phone today.









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