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By London Escorts Imperial London Escorts Agency, 3rd December, 2015

London Escorts Imperial Agency are proud to be representing the beautiful Briony as a Russian Escort Girl. At just nineteen years old Briony is excited to be spending time in London meeting new and her regular clients. With Brunette hair, blue eyes and a pert pair of breasts, Briony is energetic and enthusiastic and today London Escorts Imperial will be interviewing her about her favourite sexual position.


Agency: ‘Thank you for taking time to meet with us today to talk, we wanted you to share with us what your favourite sexual position is and describe the last time you used this’


Briony: ‘My favourite position has to be girl on top, I love to ride my clients! I love showing off my pert breasts and this is a great position to be able to do this. I have a lot of experience of knowing how to please a man and go on top. I always end up switching to this during intimate acts as I have so much energy and enjoy seeing the man happy. It also gives the guy great access to my breasts and I like having my nipples stimulated. I love feeling them erect and hard.’


Agency: ‘Tell us about your most recent experience of being on top’


Briony: ‘I was meeting with a regular client, he loves my young figure and he’s very much a breast man. We spend a lot of time with me bouncing up and down on him, he gets so hard I always get excited quickly. This time we had been out for a couple of drinks in a new bar he wanted to visit, I was wearing a short and very tight black dress. He had requested for me to wear just stockings, no knickers so I was wet at the thought of this. We had been kissing sensually in the bar and a lot of flirting was happening. I couldn’t wait until I could finish myself off on his hard dick in his hotel room. However this night my client seemed more outgoing than usual, he said there were rooms upstairs in the other room of the bar and that maybe we should move up there. I followed him up and grab his bum whilst he walked up the stairs, when we got to the room it was empty and very dark, there was only a barman on the bar, which was the other side of the room. My client sat down in a corner of the room and pulled me next to him, kissing me heavily and slipping his tongue in, gently biting my lip. He unexpectedly undid the zip of his suit trousers, pulling his hard cock out and told me to sit on it but facing away this time. I was stunned but very turned on, anyone could catch us and to be honest this was a massive thrill for me. I sat on his lap facing away from him and spread my legs until I could push his cock into my pussy. I started off going slowly but could feel how wet I was I was really aroused. He was grabbing my breasts demanding that I went faster so he could cum inside my tight, wet pussy. I couldn’t get enough of this, I wanted it harder and held onto the chair in front of me riding my ass into his cock. I got faster and harder until he cum and then he quickly did his trousers up whilst I went to the bathroom to clean up! Later on that night we had our usual girl on top sex in his London hotel room’.


This is Briony’s experience of her favourite sexual position with a regular client. All of London Escorts Imperial Agency Girls love to show you a good time and they are all energetic, love going on top and have plenty of experience to share with their clients. If you’re interested in spending some quality time with Briony or any of our other stunning London Escort Girls let London Escorts Imperial know and book some quality time.


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