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By London Escorts Imperial London Escorts Agency, 5th October, 2015

Inga is mega busty and curvy escort. But well know fact that for every type of girl there are her admirers. Now we realize that an escort girl doesn't have to be slim with the model body. Inga is 5"10 tall, body size 14 and natural breast size 36FF. She is very popular because of her amazing pair of boobies and very naughty services.


Hi Inga, please tell us a little bit how and when you started the career of escort girl in London.

That was about 7 years ago. I came to live in London and here so many beautiful women wearing brand clothing and bags. My mouth was watering. I had a friend who was an escort and she offered me to try. She warned me that escort job is very addictive.  at that moment I didn't understand what exactly she meant. But now I do. Every woman loves to get attention from men. This job gives that opportunity. Daily I hear lots of compliment how sexy I am and beautiful and gorgeous. It builds the self-confidence. I also learned to dress nice, I visited lots of nice places. I also traveled with some of my clients. So I can affirm that I love being an escort, especially escort in London. I don't want to think about the day when I will need to leave the job. I am definitely addicted to my escort hobby. 


Do you get orgasm with your clients?

Oh YEAH !!!! But not with every client. Only with those who knows to appreciate women's body and loves every part of it. I love being licked. I love being kissed all over my body. My boobies love to get lots of attention. If I meet such a man then I have no limits in sex. I would love to do everything. I love giving oral, to take deep throat, to test the taste of the sperm and swallow. I often get an orgasm when a man penetrates my ass and play with my clitoris.  But only if the man is gentle because I don't do anal sex often. Only for my best clients who know how to treat me. 


How old were you when you tried anal sex for the first time?

Mmmmm I was young. I had a boyfriend who wanted to try it very much. He was trying to convince me, but I wasn't ready. One night we were at the party and had some drinks. After I stayed to sleep at his place. He gave me to drink a bit more, so I could relax. He was very gentle. He was licking my pussy a lot, then he moved down and was licking my ass. surprisingly I liked the feeling. I didn't stop him. Then he put a finger in my ass. That was a strange feeling. I couldn't understand what I felt, but I think I liked it but was shy to admit that. I relaxed my ass muscle and asked him to put the second finger. Then I felt I was ready to try my first anal. In the first few seconds, I felt a bit of pain and pressure in my anus but then the pleasure was replacing the pain. I was enjoying more and more. 


Why do you take an extra fee for anal sex if you enjoy it?

Because all London escort girls require an extra fee as a-level is an extra service. If I would provide a-level without extra fee then every client would fuck my tight ass. To be honest, I don't want to have anal sex 3-4 time a day. I want to keep my ass "hard to get". Apart of that I love money and always happy to get extra. 


Did you try a threesome with 2 men? If so, did you do the double penetration?

Yes and Yes. But I like to do a threesome when I party. With double penetration, I had my best orgasm. Often when I masturbate I use my memories about my threesomes and double penetrations. Not many escort girls provide that service. They don't know what they lose. Once they try, they will want it again and again. But very important to do that with the right partners. Gentle, caring, willing to please. 


Thanks, Inga. We are sure that many of our readers would love you turning on and hot story. If we have some women who read our escort blogs, then I presume they will fancy trying a threesome and double penetration. 

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