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By London Escorts Imperial London Escorts Agency, 4th October, 2015

We so excited to interview Hot Colombian Escort Renata. She is very wanted and busy and hardly managed to find a time to talk to us and tell us more about herself. The long list of her escort services absolutely amazed us. Seems that this hot latin escort does nearly everything. That explains why she is so busy. 


What brought you to London?

I always wanted to travel all over the world, but that requires a good level of conversational English. I was trying to take English course in Colombia, but it wasn't effective enough. To learn any language is always easier in the country where people speak that language. So England has the most beautiful and purest English. That was the reason why I came here, but London is a very expensive city. As every girl, I wanted a beautiful life, to do shopping in HARRODS and eat in porch restaurants. I met a rich man and he supported me for some time, but it ended as relationships do.  I already tried the taste of the money and wasn't willing to struggle again. I found on the internet many escort agencies in London. Selected few best agencies. London Escorts Imperial was my first choice and still is. 


Do you have a boyfriend?

Not right now. But I had few relationships in the last few years. Mainly they were latin men I dated but I also had experience with European man. Honestly, the nationality means nothing and makes no difference. Or there is a chemistry or there is not. And when there is, nothing else is important. 


Did you date a girl?

I like sex with girls. I provide escort service to women and couples, but I never dated a girl. I am only sexually attracted to women. 


You have a long list of the services. Which service do you like the most?

I like many services but one I like in particular. It's rimming giving. For some reason, I'm getting wet and turned on when I lick ass and even more driving me crazy to finger men's ass. I can have an orgasm in a minute if I finger man's ass while being licked. I take extra £50 for that service because I want to have the option to reject. I don't do it to every man. Only those that I have chemistry with. But the best is when me and the client party for the whole night. Then we have hours and hours to lick each other and have lots of sex in different positions. 


What else do you in your free time?

Many things. I go gym 3 times a week. Clubbing nearly every weekend. I love go the theater, good restaurants. I read a lot. I like to watch the news. That keeps be informed and I always can be a well-educated interlocutor for all my clients. I thing to be an escort girl is not only to provide sex service but also to be bale provide escort companionship.


Where are you planning to go for holiday this summer?

I have a list of places where I would like to visit. This year I am thinking to visit Dubai. I have so many clients from Dubai and they say that I must go and see how amazing place Dubai is.


How long do you think you will do escorting?

I don't know yet. I love my job, I love men I met, I love sex. But I am aware that I can't do escort job forever. So I think another 2-3 years and then I will open my own business and plan family, children. But it still in my plans only. 


Thanks for you time Renata. I enjoyed the interview with you. Hopefully so did you. I am sure that our regular readers will enjoy to read about you and get know you better. Take care xx

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