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By London Escorts Imperial London Escorts Agency, 5th October, 2015

Can you believe? The first person who deals with our sexy escort girls and dearest clients is the receptionist, Katrina. She is their best friend, sister, personal adviser, psychologist, girlfriend and etc. Many escort girls in London don't have friends who can give a good advice. They always call Katrina. She is kind, polite and has huge patience. She is also experienced. educated and always eager to help. Regularly our escort girls invite Katrina for a coffee or BBQ or the house party. Katrina is always trying to attend all the events she is invited to.  But not only for London escort girls, Katrina is the first person they call but also many of our clients. They call to get her opinion. When they do shopping and can't decide between 2 items, they mms Katrina the photos and ask her advice. Some clients ask Katrina's advice when buying presents to their wives or daughters. Others asked her help to book a hotel for their vacation to London. Katrina knows all best hotels in London, restaurants, nigh clubs, shops and many other amazing places in London where our clients can invite escort girls for an escort date. Are you excited to read the interview? 


Katrina, I am really excited to speak to you. You are a heart of the agency. Did you have similar job experience in the past?

No, this is the first time I work in the adult industry. In the beginning, I was mega nervous, my voice was shaking, but I always tried to concentrate and dedicate myself to the job. When I started it was only for a while to help my friend and also to make some money. But when the owner realised how helpful I am and how much escort girls and clients like me, didn't want to let me go. 

What was your job before?

I had many jobs. I was travelling around the globe for several years and was taking any job I could find in those countries. The waitress, sex shop seller, cleaner, babysitter, taxi driver, computer doctor, dog walker and etc. I am proud of the experience I had and would change nothing. Now I am receptionist in the best escort agency in London - London Escorts Imperial. I work for already 2 years. I get so much from this job and not even thinking to change it anytime soon. I've got many new friends, I got know men so much better. They talk to me very openly. I think I can be an expert of men psychology. 

Do clients invite you for the romantic dates?

Oh yeah. Very often. For many reasons. Because of my sweet voice, because I am a forbidden fruit for them, because with me they can be themselves and open and not pretending, because many single men are looking for the girlfriend. But also there are stupid idiots who just want sex for free. I always try to be very polite, but I never agree. Because I don't want to mix work and sexual life. Besides that I am young girl demanded by men. 

Do you have a boyfriend?

Not my thing. I have a different opinion than many others. I will only date the men when I will be ready for the marriage. As long as I am not, I don't see any reason  to waste mine and his time for the serious relationship. I have an open relationship with my neighbor. We don't plan anything for the feature. We live the moment. We enjoy our time together each time we meet. We have an amazing naughty sex. What else would I need? 

Isn't he jealous about your job? 

Not at all. Actually it turns him on. He likes listening me talking to the clients and discuss with them different sex services that they would like to get from escort girl. It turns him on so much that sometimes he even can't wait for me to finish the phone conversation and he start to undress me and caress me. That distracts me a lot and very hard to to keep my voice the same and calm. I do lots of efforts and I suspect that is exactly what turns him on so badly. I allow him to anything he wants apart of sounds. He respects my work and don't want to harm. 

Are there escort services that you didn't know before you've got this job?

Well, I am very open minded and I watched many porn movies. So I tried many things. What I didn't try, I definitely saw in the porn movies. Me and my partner watch it together. We try to vary our sexual life.

Is there anything you would never do from the list of the services that listed on London Escorts Imperial?

I would never do disgusting of those services. But I never judge. But for me very important to have emotions. If I have feelings then I am willing to please my man as mush as he is willing to please me. 

How often do you meet with escort girls at London Escorts Imperial?

Well, I am invited every day. Few times a day. Many London escort girls are really lovely and friendly. They need friends. We all do. I care about each girl and always trying to help if I can. They feel my attitude and want to meet me. Unfortunately, I can't attend every event I am invited to but I try to. I never miss birthdays or special events. I am always fair the escort girl at London Escorts Imperial, and in return they are fair with me and give the priority to the appointments with the best of the best London escort agency - London Escorts Imperial.

Could you do an escort job?

Mmmm hard to answer. I think every girl could do that. Even those who says NEVER. Actually those who says never would do it even sooner than others. There are many good points of being a London escort girl. Good money, lots of nice intelligent men, many wealthy men, lots of travelling all over the world. So yes, it's very tempting and very addictive. 

Do you have some interesting stories about girls or clients?

Yes, I do a lot. But I think is better if we leave it for the next interview. Of course, if you would like to interview me again. 


Are there are your favorites escort girls at the agency London Escorts Imperial?

Of course I do. That's normal. As I predict the next question will be about names of those girls. So I can give you few names. The newly added Asian escort girl Thea. Busty escort in London Brook. Russian busty curvy escort Evgenia. Russian mature MILF Ilona. Arabic Muslim escort Batul. Blonde London escort Matilda. Latin escort girl Renata. Russian elite escort girl Noella. Russian mistress escort Nikita. teenager escort Alalia. Party escort girls Briony. Brazilian escort in London Tanja. Shemale escort Tina.


Thanks Katrina for this amazing interview. I would be very happy to meet again. Agency London Escorts Imperial is lucky to have such a professional and responsible receptionist. Thanks for your time. 

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