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Something exciting about FOOT FETISH

By London Escorts Imperial London Escorts Agency, 11th November, 2015

Many of my clients who book me through London Escorts Imperial Agency have a need for their fetish needs to be fulfilled. Sometimes it’s a client with a foot fetish, fantasising and enjoying feet in a sexual aspect is one of the most common sexual fantasies out there. I enjoy helping my clients to enjoy experiencing different aspects of their foot fetish as this is something I enjoy, it can range from clients wanting to lick my feet to me giving them a foot job.

I’ve had both men and women who are into foot fetishes, I have both given and received a foot job and enjoyed both. It’s opened my eyes to other sexual experiences out there and wasn’t something I experienced until I started working for London Escorts Imperial Agency so I feel lucky to have had these experiences.



The first time I had a client booked in for a foot fetish I was unsure what to expect, I always make sure that I am preened and I took particular care to make sure my toe nails were painted and my feet were soft. I wore open toe sandals as requested by the client. It was an incall escort meeting and when he arrived we started chatting over a glass of wine, I noticed him looking at my feet, I rested my sandals on his lap and he started off by stroking my feet, rubbing and circling around my toes gently gradually becoming harder. He removed my sandals and I could feel his erection through his trousers. I could feel how wet I was getting and because he was so turned on and hard I was getting more aroused, I could feel how wet my pussy was through my knickers. I started rubbing my feet against his erection, he pulled me up and carried my through to the bedroom and laid me on the bed. He knelt down on the floor, parting my legs stroking my pussy leading down to my feet, he carried on rubbing and started licking my feet, and it didn’t tickle like I thought but was quite erotic. He sucked my toes gently nibbling on them and started to rub himself at the same time. I asked if he wanted me to use my feet on his cock, he didn’t reply just pulled his trousers and boxers down, I got up and sat on the chair telling him to kneel on the floor in front of me in-between my legs, I stood up to take my knickers off as they were soaked and I wanted to use my vibrator whilst I was using my feet to pleasure him. I sat back onto the chair and pushed the vibrator in and started using my feet to rub around his cock and balls. He was so hard it was a turn on for me, I got faster and harder and really got carried away, each time he tried to touch my feet I told him off and made him sit on his hands so he couldn’t move. I love using my vibrator in front of my clients, I was so turned on and I orgasmed just before he did cumming all over the vibrator looking into his eyes. He cum all over my feet rubbing the cum into my soles and sliding his hands over it rubbing it into my feet. After he wanted to wash my feet and rub lotion into them, I felt amazing. It was so different and yet was such a surprise turn on for me that I wanted to do it again!




Since this first visit the same client has booked me for foot jobs, sometimes for longer visits and some shorter visits in-between meetings. We have experimented in different ways, so I’ve also let him give me a foot job and I’ve came all over his feet. It is a fetish that you can have fun with in many different ways! Most of the London Escorts Imperial agency girls offer foot fetish services so don’t hesitate to look at our sexy girl gallery.
















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