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Why do men like meet escorts?

By London Escorts Imperial London Escorts Agency, 5th March, 2016

Men enjoy spending time with London Escorts for lots of reasons. Firstly because they might think that paying for intimate escort services might give them access to try different and new sexual experiences. It might also be because Escorts tend to be more open in the bedroom and because they get paid they are also excited to be spending time pleasing their men. If anyone’s getting paid for a service they are going to ensure you come back for more so men might like having that power over an Escort.

Spending time with an Escort girl London is also very convenient and if a man wants a more casual encounter he can choose easily who he can spend that encounter with. We spoke to some of London Escorts Imperial agencies clients about why they like spending time with our escorts.


Client: ‘I’ll get straight to the point I like spending time with your escorts because sometimes I want a good hard fuck and it’s easier than going out drinking and looking for a one night stand. I also don’t want any complications so I know booking time with an Escort is an arrangement that works for both of us. I want sex, they enjoy sex and get paid so it’s a win win for everyone. If I look for a fling or a one night stand it can cause people to get hurt so whilst I’m not looking to settle down using an Escort agency suits my needs.’ This is a great honest answer from one of our clients, and shows how convenient using our Escort agency can be.


Client 2: ‘I enjoy meeting up with escorts as I get to look through lots of pictures of attractive escort women and choose exactly who I’m going to be spending my time with, if I’m looking for a sophisticated lady I can search through the escorts I think look more classy and elegant if I’m looking for a bit more spice I can choose someone who looks up for some fun and a good time. I have opted for the car meeting before which has suited me when I’ve felt like being a bit more exhibitionist, if I’ve wanted a lot of attention I can choose to spend an overnight stay with one of your Escorts.

I like the fact that I can choose how long I spend with an escort so it’s not awkward like a date can feel like sometimes, I feel using an escort gives me access to women who are stunning and women I may not meet in real life. It also means I can call up the agency at the last minute and spend a night with a beautiful woman whereas you can’t do that when it suits you normally.’


We spoke to one other client about why he likes using Escorts: ‘I love using escorts because I’m very kinky and not all of the women in my past have let me do some of things I’ve wanted to do in the bedroom, I love to be dominated, I love a woman who will tell me what to do and not show any mercy. I’m attracted to pretty and innocent looking women, however they tend to be a bit more reserved in the bedroom so when I met my first Escort I chose your Mistress Elle, she treated me just how I wanted to be treated in the bedroom. I like being fisted and being spanked hard and the only way I’ve been able to fully enjoy these sexual experiences are with London Escorts Imperial’s Escorts.’


If you would love to meet one of our open minded and stunning Escorts then let us know by booking online or phone one of our friendly receptionists.






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