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Why men so much love ANALINGUS

By London Escorts Imperial London Escorts Agency, 18th November, 2015

I’m Chloe and I’m a London Escort girl South Kensington based who loves working for London Escorts Imperial Agency, I love sex so much that sometimes I can’t get enough. I like experiencing different sensations and I love to get dirty with men. A lot of my clients love to give me rimming and analingus I get really aroused when they do this I love my bum because I love the lead up to anal sex and other dirty acts.

I think from experience and knowing men so much that they love analingus because they love to be dirty, men love to see a woman being dirty and open to new experiences. I think that men get excited when they know a woman enjoys her asshole being licked and played with. I’m a woman who knows how to please a man and I want a man to fully enjoy my body. I have told men to lick my ass before and to fuck my ass after. The last time I was with a man I was extremely horny because I hadn’t had sex for three days, this may not seem a long time but for me I want it a few times every day. I love to feel my ass, mouth and pussy filled my dick, dildo or a rough tongue inside my pussy. I had an Incall Booking from a man who wanted me to do what I wanted and he told me he was shy so he wanted me to tell him what to do and wanted me to put my sexual gratification before his. I couldn’t believe my luck! I decided to make the most of this and get myself off on his cock and his mouth. I started off by kissing and taking his clothes and mine off, I was so turned on thinking about when he would get to lick my ass out and then fuck me hard after I couldn’t wait. I had my dildo and decided when it was time, I would sit on my dildo fucking this whilst he licked my ass out and then fucked me up my ass. After kissing briefly I told him to lay down on the bed, I sat on his face and held onto the headboard so that I could ride his face.

I rocked back and forth hard rubbing my clit over his tongue, I did this for a while until I decided it wasn’t enough, I wanted it harder and wanted attention on my ass. I asked him to stand up so I could give him oral sex and I bought him close to cumming. I then told him I wanted him to eat my ass and to be really rough doing it, if he was good enough he could fuck my ass hard and cum inside me after. I knelt on all fours pushing the dildo inside my tight and very wet pussy, I was already fucking the dildo covering it with my wet pussy before he started licking my ass. He started off slowly I had my legs open so he could get as far inside as possible. He soon got carried away pushing his tongue inside and licking me in and outside my ass. I was still moving up and down on the dildo I couldn’t get enough of his tongue and he was really enjoying himself, every now and then he would push his hard cock into my ass cheek so I could feel how hard he was. I wanted him inside me but he took control and refused until he had ate lots of my ass. He suddenly shoved his dick inside my ass fucking me hard, pulling my hair back I orgasmed over and over again I’d needed it so much. He came really hard.



This is why I love analingus and I know this particular client does because he’s rebooked me so many times since for a repeat performance that he loves being dirty. If you’re looking to give or receive analingus don’t hesitate to book one of London Escorts Imperial Agencies open minded and very sexy girl today!















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