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F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

This section is here to help explain some of the industry terminology, misunderstandings, facts,  queries and frequently asked questions. We will try to update this as new facts or questions become more frequent, so we keep this as current as possible.
Are the girls in your escort gallery real or do they use fake pictures and details?
All of the pictures of our models are guaranteed real. Our team hold castings regularly and do not allow fake photos. We meet and verify that the escort girl in the pictures is the same one.
Are you a central London agency only?
Yes, we are.  All our escorts are based in London.
When are you open?
I have contacted you but you haven’t responded yet?
We may be busy but We will endeavor to reply to you as soon as we can.
Can the escort see me for less than the advertised rate?
We as an agent do not fix, control or have the power to change or alter any of the rates our London escorts or international escorts work for. They always set the rate they are willing to work for and it is up to us as an agent if we want to represent them at that rate or not. In short, it’s up to the girl what the price she works for, never us.
How much notice should I give to see one of your sexy escort ladies?
Of course The more the merrier. If you call us, desiring to see one specific model in 10 mins time, unfortunately there is a very high chance that she will not be as available for you, compared to – if you called a day earlier or at least 2-3 hours earlier. Try to give us as much notice as you possible. That is all we ask for.
When do I pay the escort girl?
All the payment for each of our gorgeous escorts, needs to be done at the start of the meeting – within the first 5 minutes.
How can I pay the escort?
We are currently only able to accept cash (in all major currencies) at this moment in time. We also do accept bank transfers (but these do have to be in our account prior to the meeting with the desired model taking place. 24 hours before the booking).
What the payment method do you accept? Are Credit Cards acceptable?
We do not right now accept card payments but we are working vigorously to find a suitable solution to this problem. Cash or Bank transfer are acceptable.
Can I pay by cheque or postal orders?
We do not accept cheques and postal orders.
Can I pay using another currency? Dollars? Euro?
Yes, by prior arrangement. British Sterling (pound)  is the preferred choice, however we will always accept all other major currencies i.e Euro, Dollars etc. Exchange rate calculation will be shown on each profile of the girl and a 10% surcharge is also added for exchange commission and etc.
What does Incall / Outcall escort service mean?
If you book an escort girl for an outcall appointment, means she will visit you - sometimes in your home, but more usually in your hotel room or dinner date in any of Central London restaurants. For an incall escort service, you visit our ladies in their London apartments.
Can I meet them, before i make an appointment?
Unfortunately no. And it's not negotiable. We do not give out the location of any of our escort girls for any reason apart of the appointed booking. That is the only way to meet the appropriate escort model.
Is all this legal do to? Aren't I breaking the law?
Do not worry. Yes it is legal, and no, you're guaranteed not breaking the law. Our business is simply introducing you to individuals who take payment in exchange for spending some time together with you, or with you and your partner. What the escort girl does when she is with you is your and her business - it's nothing to do with us. As long as you don't pay anyone under the age of 18  you're fine. All our escorts are assuredly over age 18 and have provided us with the ID or documented that prooves of their age and nationality.
What if I have been told that my location is too far for outcall, even though  I am in London.
Yes that can happen. London is very big. We only provide outcall service to Central London residences and guests of Central London, so there are times we will say no due to the location of your apartment, even though it may be within London. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Do your escorts travel to London Airports, like Heathrow or Gatwick or Stanstead?
Yes our London escort girls do travel to all of the London airports. Such as Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead, City airports. It is mandatory for a minimum of a 2 hours booking with any of our escorts and the location has to been at a hotel and nowhere around. On top of that please be aware that you cover the taxi expenses.
I can’t find on your website the model I saw last time when I was in London. Where is she? How can I find her?
Escort girls come and go regularly. Be aware that on average we lose 3-4 of escorts, each month and take on around double of new girls that join our team. So if she is no longer on our escort gallery, means she no longer works with us. We advise you to make another choice. So don’t wait to see the same escort you met before, she may not be coming back to London anymore.
Can I make clothing and outfit requests?
Yes you can (within reason). We always try to make true all your fantasies. 
Can I book more than one model at the one time? Known as DUO.
Feel free to book as many of our escort girls as you want and can afford.
Would one of your call girls, join me and my partner (wife or girlfriend)?
Some of our ladies are very happy to work with couples. Please call us and let us know which girls take your fancy and attention.
Do your escorts have reviews and feedbacks?
Yes, of course they do. We have a review section on our website for all off our escort models. All reviews are written by clients and we do encourage everyone to have their say about the experience and opinion after meeting one or more of our escorts.
Are you looking for new escorts to join your London escort agency?
We are always on the search for new beautiful escort girls in London. You can apply here. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Help! My question isn't answered here! Who can answer my question?
Not a problem: we're committed to the highest possible level of customer service. Contact Us and we'll do our best to answer your question!
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