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2018-02-09 10:40:29
Do you like innocent and cute girls? I am the girl for you.Lets have fun
2018-02-09 10:32:41
Im back from holiday. Call my agency london Escorts Imperial to book me
2018-02-09 10:32:26
Are you looking for Chelsea escort girl? Here am I. one phone call and Im yours
2018-02-09 10:32:10
Do you fancy a great anal sex with me? I enjoy naughty sex. Book me
2018-02-09 10:30:45
Im Gloucester road escort. I love party
2018-02-09 10:29:04
Im a new escort girl in London. Im going to provide you a good service.
2018-02-09 10:26:41
Im exclusive escort
2018-02-09 10:26:13
I have flat mates and we can provide duo escort service
2018-02-09 10:25:46
Im busty, gorgeous, sexy escort lady
2018-02-09 10:23:56
Central London escort
2017-04-01 17:51:57
I like being with party guys. Let's party and have lots of sex
2017-04-01 17:50:35
Im new in Escort Agency London - and I want you to book me.
2017-03-31 15:08:54
I may not be the best, but I?m definitely not like the rest. I know what you need xx
2017-03-31 14:46:06
everything you’ve ever wanted you will find in me. Book me. xx
2017-03-31 14:44:23
The best memories are the one you can’t explain.. Be my unexplainable memory xx
2017-03-31 14:40:52
Silence is a girl’s loudest cry. But I like moaning xxx
2017-03-28 20:00:08
Best gift you can give me is your TIME. Book me for 1 hour or longer
2017-03-28 19:59:08
One day i hope you book me and realise that nobody is good as me !!!
2017-03-28 19:55:58
You and Me, WE belong together. Come to me. Let me please you xxx
2017-03-27 20:23:02
Yoga pants are for sexy girls only
2017-03-27 20:21:16
Confidence is sexy. Cockiness is not
2017-03-27 20:19:52
I wanted to send you something sexy but the mailman told me to get out of the postbox
2017-03-18 14:54:55
good girls blush when they watch porn, bad girls smile cause they know they can do better.
2017-03-18 14:53:32
I wish you lots of sex, booze, orgasms and a great big fucking Lottery win
2017-03-18 14:52:15
Any man can have sex with a woman. Only REAL man can make the woman enjoy it!
2017-03-17 19:59:37
Women without curves are like road without bends.You may get to your destination quicker, but the ride is boring as hell
2017-03-17 19:55:01
I like when the air is clean and sex is dirty.
2017-03-12 14:58:18
I hate how chocolate immediately melt on my fingers. I mean.. am I that hot?
2017-03-12 14:13:41
I want to suck you, lick you. wanna move my tongue all over you... wanna feel you in my mouth.
2017-03-12 14:08:11
Why men walk more & women talk more? because men have three legs & women have 4 lips
2017-03-12 14:06:29
Nothing is more beautiful than me wearing only the moonlight and your kisses.
2017-03-12 14:04:55
I’m not too good at algebra, but doesn’t u + i = 3D 69?
2017-03-12 14:03:38
I'm not trying to be sexy. It's just my way of expressing myself when I move around
2017-03-12 14:03:03
Sexy' is being independent, being confident and having fun
2017-02-28 12:30:25
Those who say sunshine brings happiness have never had sex with me
2017-02-28 12:29:43
I don’t usually have enough sex, but when I do, it’s still not enough. :)) lol
2017-02-28 12:28:59
Sex Is My Favorite Mistake
2017-02-28 12:28:10
I have so many fantasies to share with you xx
2017-02-28 12:27:23
My room is so quiet and empty without you xxx
2017-02-27 20:59:14
People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges. Don't be lonely tonight. Book me
2017-02-27 20:56:30
I feel so far away from the one I wish to hold in my arms
2017-02-27 00:45:46
Only you can put a smile on my face when i’m sad…
2017-02-26 14:58:45
I wish people could be like money, so you could hold them up to the sun and see which ones are fake and who are real :))
2017-02-25 23:13:03
do you like party?!?!?!? I LOVE party. let's party together
2017-02-25 23:11:57
I have new photos. Visit my profile. XXX
2017-02-25 23:10:07
Im back from holiday and ready yo spoil you, to serve you, to treat you xxx
2017-02-13 04:15:34
I like oral. to give and receive.
2017-02-11 01:18:22
Boobies!!! Boobies!!! Boobies!!!
2017-02-11 01:17:09
Do you like open minded girls? Do you want to explore your fantasies? Im the girl for you. Book me now
2017-02-09 05:35:58
الجنس هو أفضل علاج Best Arabic lady you will ever meet available after 5pm tonite xxxx
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