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By London Escorts Imperial London Escorts Agency, 26th October, 2015

This week we were thinking about the subjects for our escort blogs page. We at London escorts Imperial always try to bring interesting subjects. So this week we would like to talk about orgasms and fake orgasms. Also, our escort girls might have real orgasms and fake orgasms.




Talking about fake orgasms is a difficult subject as it can be quite emotive for some people. However, some men and women do fake their orgasms. Some men worry that their sexual partner is faking her orgasm, however, this rarely happens. Our London Escorts Imperial girls are very confident and if you're keen to please her but unsure how to make her orgasm they can show you how to do this. Every person finds different sexual acts that tip them into a full blown orgasm and it can take time. Our escort girls can show you and they have so much practice that you will soon be able to pleasure them in minutes. My own personal experience of having sex was that when I started having sex from a young age I would be much louder and this tends to encourage your sexual partner to be louder and increases both of your experiences. Some of my partners did think I was faking this, I would scream and shout, get completely carried away. It felt really good to do this and if I wasn’t completely in the mood before we had sex I certainly became much closer to cumming if I was louder and could hear my sexual partner being louder too. I like to hear things I find I get turned on by auditory sounds, so if I’m watching porn I get turned on more by the dirty talk, the orgasms and noises like the sound of a whip on a person’s skin or the sound of their hand on my bum.  I, therefore, get more aroused listening to what my clients like me to do to them and what they are going to do to me. If you’re unsure if your sexual partner is faking her orgasm this can lead to a lack of confidence and trust which isn’t good for any aspect of your relationship. It is important to keep the lines of communication open between each other and to both feel able to discuss sex openly as it is a big part of a relationship for most couples. You could even try a new way to touch her or go down on her, checking that she is excited. You can do this by looking for cues such as her hips moving, her pussy getting wetter, her breathing becoming deeper of her pulling you closer, she may want you inside her more, she may be pushing you near her. If you want to check you could ask her: ‘How does that feel’ or ‘Do you like it when I do it like this?’ simple statements during sexual acts can help increase your communication and then in turn your confidence. If you realise your sexual partner has been faking it, you can check why, tell her you want to make her orgasm what can you do differently. She may just find it difficult in general or find it difficult to switch off. It could mean she is having a stressful time at work and may need you to listen to her.  All of London Escorts Imperial Agency girls are genuine and want you to feel good, your enjoyment comes before ours, if you’re looking at making a beautiful woman feel satisfied then she can direct you how to do this, remember all men and women are different so like with any new sexual partner just ask what feels good and try it out. You will be sure to feel at ease and help to build your confidence by spending time with one of our approachable and sexy high class escort models London.









If for you is important that the escort girl has a real orgasm then we would like to suggest you a list of the girls who crazily love sex and can have multiply orgasms. 


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