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By London Escorts Imperial London Escorts Agency, 27th October, 2015

London Escorts Imperial Agency girls enjoy many aspects of sex and sexuality. There is the sex life of someone who does the normal ‘vanilla’ kind of things in the bedroom and then there are the other types like London Escorts Imperial Agency girls who love the kinkier side of things! London Escorts Imperial Agency girls love nothing more to be dominant ladies over their grovelling slaves. They like to dress to please and love to dress to tease. Wearing the right thing to punish their incompetent little slaves like you. Punishing men is there forte and how and why they do it is entirely up to them. Maybe they are having a bad day? And need to rake it out on you? Torturing your body in all the sensitive parts they probably shouldn’t? Trampling you under foot in their high heeled boots, dripping wax on your naked exposed body, watching you squirm under their complete control and punish you with a good hard thrashing.

There are many ways to inflicting pain on someone. Usually in BDSM pain is applied to the sensitive areas of the body, suck as the buttocks, genitals or nipples. Many different methods can be used like whips, spanks, straps, paddles, wax, clamps, pinching any many more. When combined with other aspects of BDSM such as bondage and restraint, pain applied to areas that are not usually associated with sex can be surprisingly exciting.



Pain when used correctly can be an exhilarating and thrilling aspect of someone’s sex life. It can be used to stimulate and titillate the body to a point of orgasm or as a part of foreplay. It can also be used in a Dominant and submissive relationship to punish or torment someone for the others pleasure. Pain is a huge part of BDSM and people have varying levels of tolerance.


Inflicting pain can be dangerous so it is always advisable to use safe-words and be vigilant of the person’s reaction that is receiving pain in case things go too far or something does go wrong. It is advisable not do use alcohol or drugs when mixing pain with sex as this can affect someone’s pain threshold and not be aware of their own limits.

Receiving pain can be a great relief of personal pressure. Giving yourself totally to someone and trusting him or her enough to hurt you but not take it too far is a fantastic way to relieve stress and can also be thrown into role-play scenarios. Spanking and caning can be used for a school room fantasy or maybe a mistress and slave scenario.

Giving yourself up to the total control of someone else and let them take control of your body and mind can be a great way to find liberation from the stresses and trials of everyday life. To let a person inflict pain on you to a level that you like and not go too far and push you to your limit can be a great stress relief and can lead to a heightened climax of a session.



When booking a session you may find it daunting and stressful to try and express the urges you may feel when wanting to experience pain and dominance. But rest assure that our receptionists at London Escorts Imperial Agency are very open minded and approachable to polite enquiries about such activities. Be open and honest with what it is you want and our girls with your phone call or emails to ensure a great experience with London Escorts Imperial Agency.



















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