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Why I became an escort – Nicoletta’s story

By London Escorts Imperial London Escorts Agency, 1st November, 2015

Every escort girl has her life story and reasons why and how she became an escort. Some of the girls at London Escorts Imperial are happy to share with us their stories. Many our clients and readers of London escort blogs page like to know more about our escort girls. Today we are going to share with you the story about our elite escort girl in London Nicolette. 


Many of the London Escort girls and myself have always been curious about being an escort, there is the obvious benefit of being an escort, the money, the sex, the dates and the full attention of spending time with a man or woman who desires you and wants to spend their money and time getting to know you more personally. I watched a programme based on a London escort and loved the glamour and the different experiences being an escort seemed to bring to the escorts life. It seemed fun and I love showing off my figure. I also am a complete attention seeker, I adore a man being obsessed with spending his time and money on me. This is why some of my own personal relationships haven’t always worked out. The honey moon phase is great but this needs to last, I need to be spoilt and treated like a princess. I love the compliments my clients give me during my time with them and it makes me feel very confident and makes me want to satisfy them even more. I began being an escort with London Escort Imperial Agency when I was twenty years old and I had recently moved to London. I was excited to explore my sexuality and hadn’t had as much experience with women as I had with men and I heard about London Escorts Imperial Agency through my close friend. She advised me that Imperial is a professional agency that looks after and values their clients and escort girls. It seemed like the ideal way to make money doing something that I loved – sex. I contacted Agency London Escort  Imperial and met with them to have my professional photos taken, I love my escort photos in my London escort gallery I feel my curves and face is portrayed in a beautiful and genuine manner. I had my first booking within a few days and although I was nervous and spent most of the afternoon getting ready, having a long bath, painting my nails, doing my hair and make-up. I had a glass of wine and met my first client at my door wearing sexy lingerie, a sexy skirt and a smile. I needn’t have worried as he put me at ease immediately and I found it easy to get to know this man, to find out what he wanted and his dreams. We got to know each other in an intimate way and I enjoyed seeing him leave the next morning seeming really satisfied. This was the confirmation for me that being an escort was the right job for me, it didn’t feel like work plus I was getting highly paid for having sex which is something I love. I am one of the highest paid London Escort girls with London Escorts Imperial and this is because I am rated as one of the sexiest girls to spend time with, I love to please my clients and I love to show off my body in revealing lingerie. Sex is so natural to me and I love it being a part of not only my personal life but my work life too. I always feel like a glow more the more bookings I have, I love feeling how different men and women feel and finding out their sexual fantasies. Of course the other benefit I’ve found is that I’ve gained plenty of experience of being with women and knowing what makes them tick. Being an escort has definitely helped me to fulfil many of my sexual fantasies in a discreet way, I have slept with men and women, and performed many times as a duo, this has to be my favourite kind of booking as I love to please a woman and then feel a man’s hard cock inside my wet pussy. I think every woman with no ties who loves sex should consider being an escort, it has been something I love to do.

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