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By London Escorts Imperial London Escorts Agency, 9th January, 2016

London Escorts Imperial have a lot more female clients contacting them about spending time with a male escort. Our female clients are different ages, backgrounds and all are wanting some company on a date, to see a theatre show for example or an evening out to wanting to experiment and explore their sexual desires that they may not have had chance to with previous sexual partners.

We also have a number of female Bicurious women who want the chance to explore their sexuality in a professional and safe environment where they won’t feel judged. All of our Escorts are professional and will always put your needs first so you can be rest assured of a good experience. London Escorts Imperial asked a female client to give her story on her first experience with a male escort. We have kept the clients details confidential.

Client: ‘I had recently separated from a long term partner who I have children with. It was a difficult time and when I got through this I didn’t want another relationship straight away but I did notice how I missed the affection and the good times we had together, just having someone to go out if I wanted to see a show or visit somewhere. I had read a magazine article a while ago about male escorts and I’d never thought I would be the type of person to consider it.

However I could see the appeal, I would be paying so would feel more in control and respected. I also wouldn’t feel the pressure to go any further if I didn’t want to as I’ve felt going on dates. And I would like the company of an attractive man who I could imagine asking to idolise me and I love the attention so thought why not. I thought I could give it a go even if it’s a one off experience, so I searched through some agencies and London Escorts Imperial seemed like a good agency to try, they had a good website so I had a look and used the online form so I could decide on the best Escort for me.

I initially booked for around 5 hours, this was enough time to spend some time watching the show I wanted to see and then going back to my hotel room I’d booked if I decided to get more intimate. We met for a quick drink before the show and I loved spending time watching the show with good company, I could hold hands and kiss and do all of the things I would do with a partner. After the show he offered to take me back to my hotel room, of course we both knew what was expected or what could happen. We started kissing straight away, he was so passionate and I was enjoying the attention, he had his hands all over me pulling me closer.

He pushed me onto the bed, ripping his clothes off and pulling my dress up, my knickers to one side and then began giving me oral sex, this felt amazing, I had no worries atall about pleasing him and felt it was my time to be selfish and put my own desires first. He made me orgasm by giving me oral sex and touching me. I still wanted more, I wanted quick passionate sex so I turned around demanding that he fucked me from behind. I felt very empowered as I knew I was the one in control, there were no ties and if I chose not to I didn’t need to see him again (although I felt like it could be fun). I told him to fuck me faster and harder until I orgasmed again and he cum.

After there was a little bit of awkwardness but only what you’d expect from sleeping with any man for the first time. We spent some time cuddling and kissing and then I asked him to leave. I loved my first experience and it’s given me a confidence boost to know I can do this again and have great sex.’

If you’re a woman looking for a companion or a male escort don’t hesitate to send London Escorts Imperial agency a message or phone us, we guarantee you’ll have a good experience.





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