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Tips how to convince a girl to try first time anal

By London Escorts Imperial London Escorts Agency, 19th January, 2016

Ok, so there are many men who love to meet our Escorts for anal sex, they also may want tips on how to ask their sexual partner for anal sex. Some women are concerned it could hurt or that you may look at them differently after trying anal. However of course, this is not the case as you will know from anally fucking our Escort Girls. Many women are wary the first time before they have anal sex and this is to be expected but once they have tried it many women love to have anal sex on a more regular basis with their partner. But the question is how to convince a girl to try anal sex. We have spoken to some of our Escort Girls who like anal sex to ask them for some tips.

Escort 1: ‘I first tried anal sex when I was 16, I had been with my boyfriend for a year and we were always at it like rabbits. I was quite adventurous even then and loved to try new things. I felt comfortable about trying anal sex with him as we had a close bond and I think this is my tip, if you ensure you always show the girl you care in other ways outside of the bedroom, always put her pleasure first then she will be sure to return the favour. If you can bring out her dirty nature then even better. There are lots of ways to do this but for a woman to want to give her partner everything then you need to make her feel special and like she’s your main focus. Buy her flowers, small gifts or send her a message to let her know your thinking of her. If you do these things then you could start being more open in the bedroom asking her if she wants to try new things.’

Escort 2: ‘I waited until I had anal sex as I didn’t feel comfortable with anyone before, I had thought about it but one of my friends said it hurt and this put me off. However I was with a boyfriend who always treated me nicely, he complimented me and made me feel very sexy. I think making your girlfriend feel sexy is my top tip as if your girl feels comfortable in herself she will want to express herself sexually with you. Always try to make her orgasm first, tell her how sexy her body is, notice when she makes more of an effort and you will feel more confident when you ask her for anal sex. As a woman I wanted to have anal sex with this boyfriend because he would be there for me in other ways, he made me feel very sexy, he used to spend a lot of time kissing me, stroking my face, telling me I was sexy. It made me want to please him even more because I felt hot, I wanted to be his porn star and was willing to try most things with him. He also spent a lot of time getting to explore my ass, he used to spend time rimming me and fingering my ass before suggesting trying anal and this made me much more excited when we had anal sex.’

Escort 3: ‘My tip would be to use lots of lube and to consider her feelings. If she’s not ready she won’t enjoy anal sex and it’ll be harder to convince her to try in the future. Make sure she is completely ready, don’t be too pushy, do it on her terms and when she wants to. You could bring up the subject of having anal sex but then ask her to tell you when she’s ready, she will love being able to tell you to fuck her ass and it will be a turn on for you when she demands that you fuck her asshole. And have fun trying out different positions when you have anal sex, she may prefer laying down or being taken from behind’.

These are some tips from our stunning Escort Girls who love working for London Escorts Imperial agency. Many of our stunning girls love anal sex and will be excited to help you fulfil this experience especially if it is your first time trying it out.








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Mykal Scott
17th March, 2017
The information for convincing my wife to try anal helped tremendously. Thank you for providing these tips.
26th January, 2016
i love anal sex but some women never tried it and I am an expert how to convince your woman to give you her ass. first of all no pressure. normally I just say I love it but respect her decision. then I choose a day when we can have a wonderful romantic evening. i give her to drink and wait until she feels relaxed. then i undress her and offer massage. going down and down. then kiss her back. low back and then slowly go to her ass hole and play with it with my tongue. normally at the beginning they try to object but i gently insist untill she relax her anus. i push my tongue in. then massage it with my finger and push it in a little bit. from time to time i touch her clit. that makes her very horny. my finger stretch her ass hole. when i feel it stretched enough i push in another finger. i always have some toys. different sizes. after she takes my 2 fingers i start with a toy. the smallest toy at the beginning. that makes her ass hole stretched enough to take my dick. and it's quite easy to convince her after some alcohol and litle toy in her ass. first push should be gentle and only top of the dick. then take it out. let her ass hole get use to my dick. i try again after 10-15 seconds. push slow untill it's all in. fist time i give anal very gentle. next time it will be much easier for her to agree. and nearly sure she will love it. try my technique. it works. good luck every one who loves anal sex
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