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By London Escorts Imperial London Escorts Agency, 5th October, 2015

Prima is Brazilian escort girl in London. She is new to London arrived here to get new experience. She is extremely open minded, funny, friendly and mega mega sexy escort girl London. We are glad that she found some time for us to tell us and our dearest customers more about herself.


‘So tell me about a time you’ve had a really quick orgasm with a client with London Escorts Imperial agency?’

‘It was actually really recent, it was two weeks ago. I had met a client for the girlfriend experience, he had requested that I joined him for dinner and drinks. He was a client on business in London who wanted the best aspects of having a girlfriend with no responsibilities. We had a really fun evening and I found I was attracted to the chemistry we had so I was looking forward to the overnight stay with him at his hotel’


‘What happened when you got back to the hotel room?’

‘We began deep French kissing in the lift on the way back to the hotel room, it was very sexy knowing that anyone could get into the lift, I was rubbing my body up against his and feeling very turned on and I could feel how hard he was. When we got back to the hotel room I went into the bathroom to freshen up - my client had asked me to remove my knickers from underneath my tight dress and return to the bedroom to share a drink with him. I took my knickers off feeling how wet I was, I was surprised at how attracted I was to my client, he made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I went back into the bedroom and we shared a glass of wine whilst he was stroking my legs, his hand was getting higher and higher. I felt excited with the anticipation of what was to come. We put our wine down and he grabbed me passionately kissing me, he was very good at kissing, he wanted me to be submissive so I let him direct me to his cock and I started stroking his cock up and down, he started getting really hard. He put his fingers inside me and kept moving them around feeling how wet I was, he then pushed me onto the bed, flipping me over and entered me from behind fucking me really hard. I orgasmed really quickly as I wasn’t expecting to be taken so quickly. He also cum not long after I did and we laid there kissing for a while after. The next morning before I left we repeated the performance and I left a very satisfied client in his bed!’


 ‘Most of the London escort girls see their client’s regularly, have you seen him since?’

‘Yes last week he arranged to see me for a two hour booking, we met at his hotel, he is very open minded and wants to book me and another London Escorts Imperial girl next time to watch us performing together. I haven’t experienced sexually performing with another escort girl very often so I’m really excited about trying this out for this client. I love the fun side that happens when I perform with the other escort girls, me and the escort who perform together are close so it feels an intimate and natural sexy experience to have. I can’t wait to see this client really turned on and wanting to join in’.

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