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The Submissive Experience

By London Escorts Imperial London Escorts Agency, 4th October, 2015

Although many of London Escorts Imperial girls take control they also enjoy being submissive and letting you take the sexual lead. It’s the ultimate control taking care of a woman’s needs by her being submissive and letting you decide where to touch and lick her. It can also show a woman trusts you enough to let you have the control and power. Some women enjoy being submissive as it helps them to free their mind and enjoy the experience of being allowed to let go of all control.

In terms of a relationship I often enjoy being submissive because it allows me to switch off completely to the stresses of everyday life and completely relax knowing I can focus on the feeling of touch and be surprised at where I might be touched next. It is very sexy trusting a man to hold my arms down whilst fucking me or holding my legs apart whilst they go down on me and it helps me to concentrate on the pure enjoyment which comes from feeling free. It can be something simple like being told what to do in a firm voice, which can be very sexy and tends to turn me on.

Of course, there are different levels of being submissive. Most of the escort girls will be open to being submissive for you in different ways and it may be something you’d like to discuss before booking to be sure you have the right London escort girl. On another level of more extreme submissiveness some people are submissive in every area of their relationship and gain fulfilment from this, some people enjoy being humiliated and performing like they have no control even though this may have been planned for before the experience. Being submissive can also mean being obedient to your needs so if your spending time with an London Escorts Imperial girl it may mean that you expect her to fully focus and take care of your needs over her own. This may mean you want her to give you oral sex, to ensure you cum and you may not want to touch her or to check she is sexually satisfied, although it may mean you purely want to cum first before satisfying her.

Desiring an escort girl to be submissive may mean spanking her so she’s being obedient to your needs, it may mean expecting her to have sex with someone else, in the case of an escort it could mean you’ve booked two escort girls and want to feel like your ‘making’ one have sex with the other. It can mean purely expecting her to let you take full control of the sexual experience, so you’re the one deciding where and when she touches and satisfies you.

There are many forms of submission and London Escorts Imperial agency is open minded to discuss any fantasies you have around this.  







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